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shenshitong keli
for treatment of kidney stone, pelvis calculi, bladder stone, ureteral calculus.
xiaoke jiangtang capsule
for the treatment of mild and moderate adult diabetes mellitus with the symptom of polydipsia, diuresis, polyphagia, emaciation,tired, urine sugar and blood glucose increasing.
yimuchao keli
menstrual irregularities and postpartum persistent flow of the lochia caused by blood stasis, manifested as scant menstruation, dribbling after urination,postpartum hemorrhage for long time; postpartum sudinvolution of uterus with the pattern mentioned ab
ganmao qingre keli
to disperse wind, dissipate cold, release the exterior pattern and clear heat. wind-cold common cold manifested as headache and fever, aversion to wind and generalized pain, clear nasal discharge, cough and dry throat.
fufang luohangguo qingfei keli
for treatment of cough with yellow phlegm, cough up phlegm unfreely, dry throat and dry tongue symptom.
xiaoer kechuanling keli
to clear heat and diffuse the lung, resolve phlegm and suppress cough, downbear counterflow and calm panting. cough, fever, profuse sputum, panting caused by phlegm-heat obstructing the lung in children.
dashanzha keli
to boost the appetite and promote disgestion. poor appetite,indigestion, distension and fullness in the epigastrium and abdomen caused by food stagnation.
yishenling keli
to warm yand and tonify kidney. impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission and weak emission caused by kidney qi deficiency, yang qi insufficiency.
qinghuozhimai pian
to clear heat and toxicity,and cool blood and reduce swelling.swollen painful throat,or fever, or toothache or bloodshot eyes due to extremely abundant heat in the lung and stomach.
fufang chuanxinlian pian
traditionally used for body heatiness,expel wind improve blood circulation.it also symptomatically relief cough and cold and mild diarrhea.
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