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  [name of drug]:ganmao qingre keli

  [ingredients]:schizonepetae spica, menthae herba, saposhnikoviae radix,bupleuri radix, perillae foliun, puerariae lobatae radix, platycodonis radix, armeniacae amarun semen, angelicae dahuricae radix, corydalis bungeanae herba, phragmitis rhizoma.

  [properties]:brownish-yellow granules; taste, sweet, slightly bitter. or brown granules; taste,slightly bitter (without sucrose or with lactose)

  [functions and indication]:to disperse wind, dissipate cold, release the exterior pattern and clear heat. wind-cold common cold manifested as headache and fever, aversion to wind and generalized pain, clear nasal discharge, cough and dry throat.

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