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  [name of drug]:xiaoer kechuanling keli

  [ingredients]:ephedrae herba; fritillariae cirrhosae bulbus; armeniacae semen amarum; scutellariae radix; bambusae concretio silicea; perillae fructus; batryticatus bombyx; crataegi fructus; raphani semen; fibrosum gypsum; houttuyniae herba; asari radix et rhizoma; tea; glycyrrhizae radix et rhizoma; platycodi radix.

  [description]:yellowish-brown to brown granules; odour, with slightly cool feeling ; taste, sweet and slightly bitter.

  [functions and indications]:to clear heat and diffuse the lung, resolve phlegm and suppress cough, downbear counterflow and calm panting. cough, fever, profuse sputum, panting caused by phlegm-heat obstructing the lung in children.

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