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  [name of drug]:kanglao capsule

  [ingredients]:herba ardisiae japonicae, sessile stemona root, radix cudraniae, ficus simplicissima, common bletilla tuber, cortex mori radicis, etc.

  [description]:this medicine is in capsule. after the capsule is removed, the contents in it are dark brown powder, with bitter taste.

  [indications]:dissipate blood stasis and stop bleeding, expectorant cough.for lung deficiency chronic cough, bloody sputum lung deficiency and chronic cough and blood-tinged sputum, etc.

  [administration and dosage]:take orally. three capsules a time and three times a day.

  [specification]:0.5g for each capsule (equivalent to 2.33g of raw materials)

  [storage ]:seal tight.

  [package]:blister package.

  [validity]:3 years.

  [approved number]:cfda no.z45021995

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