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  [name of drug]:sanjin watermelon frost series

  sanjin watermelon frost series a 100-year-old good medicine for throat

  sanjin ® watermelon frost

  chinese medicine theory has always a saying of "throat, oral cavity and tooth diseases are all caused by fire". the main pathological changes of throat, oral cavity, tooth --- swelling, pain, purulence are all manifestation of "fire".

  sanjing® watermelon frost has a good function to clear away heat and purge fire, reduce swelling and ease pain. it is regarded as a good medicine for throat and oral cavity by doctors of all dynasties. it has been 200 years since the well known doctor of the qing dynasty officially included it into the "encyclopedia of ulcer medicine".

  sanjin ® watermelon frost series of products are finely made taking traditional good medicine watermelon frost as main ingredients and matched with other authentic chinese herbal medicines. aiming at different symptoms and tastes, it meets the needs of diversified personalities of patients with oral and throat diseases. it contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids and trace elements of human body, its special effects have been widely recognized and accepted by consumers, and it has steadily retained its position as the first comprehensive brand for throat medicine for many years and has established a professional status of "mouth and throat medicine, assured for both treatment and prevention", and it is praised as “oral cavity and throat conservation expert” by the majority of patients.

  watermelon frost is a sacred traditional chinese medicine for oral cavity and throat. there is a saying "it has immediate effective in treatment of oral and throat diseases". it has been recorded in "encyclopedia of ulcer medicine" written by the well-known doctor gu shicheng during the reign of emperor qianlong of the qing dynasty. the traditional frost extraction methods is to cut open the watermelon, put some traditional chinese medicine in it, then put the watermelon into a big pottery vat and store in a cool and well-ventilated place. a few months later, there will be flocculation white crystals outside the wall of vat, this is what we always call the watermelon frost.

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