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  [name of drug]:sanjin watermelon frost insufflations

  [ingredients]:mirabilitum citrulli preparatum; borchorax(calcined);cortex phellodendri;rhizoma coptidis;radix sophorae tonkinensis;oma belamcandae; bulbus fritillariae thunbergii; indigo naturalis; borneolum syntheticum;fructus sapindi(charred);radix et rhizoma rhei; radix. scutellariae;radix glycyrrhizae;mentholum.

  [properties]:pale red tablets;odour,aromatic:taste,sweet,pungent and cool.

  [functions and indication]:swollen painful throat,hoarseness,or inflammation of the throat,or retropharyngeal abscess,or tonsillitis,or aphthous.stomatitis,sores on the mouth and tonsillitis,or aphthous stomatitis,sores on the mouth and tongue,or gingival abscess;acute and chronic pharyngolaryngtitis, acute tonsillitis,stomatocace,stomatitis and swollen painful gums.

  [usage and dosage]:for external use,sprayed or spread on lesion,an appropriate quantity,several times a day;and meanwhile administered orally for serious patients,1~2 g,3 times a day.

  [approved number]:cfda no.z45021599

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