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  [name of drug]:watermelon frost spray (new product of watermelon frost series)

  [ingredients]:mirabilitum praeparatum, radix scutellariae, rhizome belamcandae, radix sophorae tonkinensis, flos lonicerae japonicae, radix saposhnikoviae, radix ophiopogonis, mentholun, borneolum syntheticun, borcborax, radix glycyrrhizae.

  [properties]:it’s brown-colored liquid; fragrant-smell; sweet, light-bitter, pungent-cool taste.

  [functions and indication]:clearing heat and detoxicating, eliminate the swelling and relieving sore throat. it’s used in acute pharyngeal tunefaction with symptoms of sore throat, throat burning, throat swelling, or diffichult swallowing, acute pharyigitis or acute attack of pharyngitis with the above-mentioned syndromes.

  [usage and dosage]:spray this product on the affected part, 5 spraying each time, 12 times daily.

  [approved number]:cfda no.z20040137

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