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  [name of drug]:vertigo-calming tablet

  [ingredients]:rhizoma alismatis;rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae,poria,pericarpium citri reticulatae,rhizoma pinelliae,fructus ligustri lucidi, herba ecliptae, flos chrysanthemi, radix achyranthis bidentatae, radix glycyrrhizae

  [properties]:film-coated tablet. it is brown after the film is removed, weak smell and taste.

  [administration and dosage]:oral ingestion, 2-3 tablets each time, 3-4 times daily.

  [specification]:each tablet is 0.31g (equivalent to 6g of total raw herbs).

  [indications]:for the treatment of vertigo caused by the trouble of liver and kidney.

  [symptoms]:dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, halo vision, anypnia, flusteredness, oppresion in the chest etc.


  clinical and pharmacological studies demonstrate: vertigo-calming tablet has the following characteristics:

  1. it’s fast in curative effect. for most cases, the dizziness is relieved after drug use of 3-5 times. the symptoms are eliminated after 5-7 days. it’s especially effective for the stage of attack of the dizzy disease and serious patients.

  2. stabilizing function. it has good stabilizing function. it is different from ordinary stabilizing galactostasis. even though it is close to toxic dose, it still will not present somniferous effect.

  3. it has good influence for the transmitter in central nervous system. it may improve the ne (norepinephrine) da (dopamine) content of brain tissue and 5-ht(5-hydroxytryptamine). these transmitters in central nervous system are closely related to maintenance spirit, emotion and sleep. they are supplementary to each other, make central nervous regulatory function more perfect.

  4. it has two-way regulatory function, decreases hypertension, and increases low blood pressure.

  5. relieve the smooth muscle spasm of intestinal tract, eliminates vertigo and accompanying autonomic disturbance such as vomiting and tinnitus.

  6. anti-inflammatory and antioncotic function. eliminates the inflammatory vestibular organ disease which may lead to dizziness.

  7. it’s safe in administration. no toxic and side effect is observed in clinic.

  effective use of vertigo-calming tablets to treat vertigo:

  vertigo has always been a disease with complex pathogenesis. its occasion is commonly found in a variety of diseases. therefore in treating vertigo, in addition to finding out the cause for treatment, we shall also need to give full consideration to the patients’ constitution as well as the affection on accompanying disorder of the drug administration. for western anti-vertigo medicine is quick in effect, but high in toxic and side effects and are easily to affect the endocrine, heart, liver and kidney functions. experts recommended that in treatment of vertigo, first take western medicine to control symptoms of acute attack, at the same time use chinese medicine such vertigo-calming tablet to consolidate the curative effect.

  vertigo-calming tablet is a pure chinese medicine preparation, its effects are precise, with no toxic or side effects in clinical use. it has the function to nourish the five internal organs, benefit the liver and replenish the kidney. while treating vertigo, it can reduce harm of the western medicine to the liver and kidney. in the early period, it shall be used together with western medicines, after the symptoms are under control, stop using the western medicine, and continue to use vertigo-calming tablet to consolidate curative effect, so to achieve a real long-term control of vertigo. when used in combination with western medicine or to treat mild dizziness, only by taking 4 to 6 vertigo-calming tablets, 3 to 4 times a day, it can play a controlling role. for patients with severe vertigo, double the daily dosage, it can achieve very good effect. with the characteristics of being peaceful in nature and not hot or stagnant, it especially suits the long-term use of the elderly and women with weak constitution.

  the features of vertigo caused by vegetative nervous system dysfunction:

  vegetative nervous system has a special physiological function mainly at controlling internal organs, glands and blood vessels and plays in an important role in maintaining the voluntary and involuntary activities in the human body, also known as the autonomic nervous system. due to its relations with the whole organs such as glands and blood vessels, as well as with the regulation of sugar, salt, water, fat, body temperature, sleep and blood pressure, etc., local or systemic symptoms will appear after the disturbance occurs.

  the features of vertigo caused by vegetative nervous system disorder: 1. mainly vertigo, occasionally dizziness, its outbreak sometimes fast and sometimes slow; 2. continuity, symptoms of vertigo being not typical, vegetative nervous symptoms is more obvious than vertigo, such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, heart palpitations, dreams, insomnia and so on; 3. increase or decrease in spirit factor, fatigue and tension; 4. drumming in the ears, no hearing loss; 5. no nystagmus, with unstable walking state, but with no typical balance disturbance; 6. in the examination of the nervous system there is no positive signs but more symptoms.

  vertigo-calming tablet can regulate vegetative nervous function, eliminate the symptoms of disorder, and has a significant effect on treating local or systemic symptoms caused by disturbance. upon the clinical verification of various types of vegetative nervous symptoms, the total effective rate is as high as 85% or above. it really starts treating from the root and cure the vertigo caused by vegetative nervous system disorder.

  the features of cerebral vertigo:

  the features of cerebral vertigo are that: patients have floating or sinking feeling, have illusion that they stay under the bed although they sleep in the bed; dizziness appears as balance moving; some patients feel there is a certain of air or blood rushing into neck or head or somewhere from their body or abdomen, or running into somewhere with chills and fever; feel some part of their heads is blank or some part of their limbs is non-existent, longer or shorter, thicker or thinner; appear nod or facial muscles twitch lacking in self-control, the trunk and neck swing or twitch, numbness or tingling.

  they are paroxysmal dizzy, lifeless, forgetful, and even throw away the precious gold and silver jewelry. their mood swings, mainly in low, they feel their lives are not meaningful, feel irritable, and often lose their temper, though at times they understand the matter in the mind, they could not express it out clearly in language barrier moment.

  vertigo-calming tablet can change the content of central transmitter in the brain, regulate nerve function. it can also tonify spleen, eliminate dampness, clear phlegm, nourish kidney and repress liver, making spirit rise enough, make the clear refined substance in the middle-jiao rise and the flatus discharged go down, upper orifices are tonified and not beclouded, so that the cerebral vertigo will be naturally brought under control.

  acting mechanism of vertigo-calming tablet in the treatment of meniere’s syndrome:

  meniere’s syndrome is a disease caused by ear diseases induced by vestibular organs. after long-term study, it is further found that the syndrome is inner eardrum hydrolabyrinth caused by vegetative nervous dysfunction, mechanical obstruction and lymphatic absorption disturbance, metamorphism. in accordance with the disease characteristics, vertigo-calming tablet produced by sanjin starts treating fundamentally and cure the vertigo caused by meniere’s syndrome.

  from the principles of western medicine, vertigo can regulate autonomic function, improve the symptoms of the disorder; plays the role of anti-inflammatory and relieving swelling and eliminating the vestibular organ inflammation, so as to improve the inner ear microcirculation, ultimately achieve eliminating the film lost edema. from the perspective of chinese medicine, vertigo-calming tablet can tonify spleen, eliminate dampness, discharging phlegm, dampness and flatus with a strong spleen and stomach transportation and transformation; and also nourish kidney and repress liver, tonify liver and kidney and yin fluid, constraint high yang of the liver, so that clear refined substance rise, nourish the upper orifice while flatus discharged descending, the upper orifice is not clouded, so that the vertigo is naturally brought under control.

  how does vertigo-calming tablet treat the cervical vertigo:

  in cervical spondylosis patients, the sympathetic cervical spondylosis and vertebral artery cervical spondylosis will cause vertigo attack. the sympathetic cervical spondylosis is characterized by sympathetic disorder while the vertebral artery cervical spondylosis is caused by the vertebral artery obstruction. both will have paroxysmal dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, and other symptoms.

  vertigo-calming tablet can raise the contents of ne, da ,5-ht in the brain, so to improve the regulation function of central nervous system and change the symptoms caused by the neurological disorder; can remove the intestinal smooth muscle spasm, eliminate nausea and vomiting symptoms; for the vertigo induced by cervical spine arthritis, soft tissue inflammation, trauma, etc., vertigo-calming tablet can relieve the symptoms through its inflammation function, reduce the oppression, and at the same time, improve the vertebrae-arteriae basilaris, so as to effectively control and cure these kinds of cervical vertigo .

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