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  [name of drug]:fufuang honggencao tablet

  [properties]:the drug is film tablet, dust color upon removing the film; bitter.

  [ingredients]:salvia prionitis hance, herba houttuyniae, lonicera confusa dc, chrysanthemum, andrographis.

  [functions and indication]:clear heat and eliminate toxicity. for acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, enteritis, dysentery and so on.

  [usage and dosage]:take orally, 2 tablets per time, 3-4 times per day.


  [approved number]:cfda no.z45020571

  compared with other medicines of the same kind, this product has the following obvious characteristics:

  1. the prescription of this product is pure natural high quality chinese herbal medicine. it has no toxic and side effects of antibiotic western medicine and untoward effect. it is safe and reliable in administration. it may be taken by all people regardless of ages and sex .

  2. obvious curative effect. this product is obviously effective to treat bloody flux, colonitis, enteronitis caused by unclean diet and influenza, acute pharyngolaryngitis, and amygdalitis.

  3. unique function. the prescription of this product is composed of a few kinds of medicines reasonably. it makes this product have many kinds of functions such as: antibiosis, antiviral, anti-inflammation, anti-diarrhea, subsidence of swelling, analgesia, and anti-pyresis. it may reach the effect of treating a disease by looking into both its root cause and symptoms.

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