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  [name of drug]:description:sanqi xueshangning capsules

  sanqi xueshangning capsule is a traditional chinese medicinal preparation which is manufactured with contemporary science and technology by mr zhou jieming who is chinese traditsional chinese medicinal specialist with outstanding contributions, a member of specialist consultant committee of tcm administration bureau of china, and a member of pharmacopeia committee of the ministry of hygiene of china. he gathered the good points of ancient prescription, secret prescription, and proved effective prescription, integrated long term’s clinical drug use experience, chose notoginseng as main medicine, made up with genuine, famous and precious, high quality chinese herbal medicines such as: rhizoma paridis, wild aconite (preparation), radix seu folium callicarpae macrophyllae.

  [ingredients]:notoginseng, rhizoma paridis, radix seu folium callicarpae macrophyllae etc.

  [functions and main indications]:stopping bleeding and easing pain, dissolving stasis and producing new blood. it’s used to treat all kinds of hemorrhagic diseases of static blood obstruction and blood failing to stay in the channels, and static blood swelling and pain, such as:

  stomachache, intercostal neuralgia etc.gastric bleeding, duodenal ulcer bleeding, bronchiectasic bleeding, hymoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis;dysfunctional uterine bleeding, bleeding of wound and hemorrhoids, woman’s irregular menses, menorrhalgia, amenorrhea, excess of menstrual blood volume, postpartum blood stasis.

  [administration and dosage]:oral ingestion with warm boiled water.(in addition to oral administration, for the patients of injury and swelling and pain due to blood stasis, the content in capsule may blended into liquor for local external application ).for adult persons 1 capsule each time (serious patients may take 2 capsules),3 times daily,once every 4 hours. each lamella contains one insurance capsule, all serious injury patients may take one insurance capsule with liquor at first.

  [cautions]:the patients of light wound and other diseases are prohibited to take the insurance capsule, should abstain from having broad bean, fish, sour and cold food. a pregnant woman is prohibited to administrate.

  [specification]:each capsule is 0.4 gram. a lamella of 10-capsule contains an insurance capsule.

  [storage]:tightly sealed.

  [approved number]:cfda no. z45020612

  [characteristics]:clinical and pharmacological researches demonstrate:

  1. has good effects of activating blood circulation and dredging meridian, dissolving stasis and producing new blood, expelling wind-evil and removing wetness-evil, and stopping bleeding and easing pain etc. has extraordinary marked effects for easing pain and stopping bleeding ,has good functions of antibiosis, anti-virus, anti-inflammation, blood circulation improvement, stasis elimination, tissue healing promotion etc.

  2. markedly in hemostasis, broad in application. it is good effective to treat all kinds of bleeding diseases such as: vomiting of blood, hemoptysis, hematochezia, hematuria, gingival bleeding, nasal hemorrhage, bleeding of hemorrhoids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, vaginal hemorrhage, postpartum blood stasis, bleeding wound. it may be applied to all kinds of bleeding diseases such as: deficiency of the vital energy due to blood loss, liver failing to store blood in the liver, spleen failing to control the blood, internal static blood obstruction, heat damaging the network vessels of blood.

  3. markedly in analgesia, broad in application. it is effective to treat all kinds of painful diseases such as: static blood swelling and pain, injury, acute stremma and bruise rheumatalgia, arthrodynia, pain of hyperosteogeny, scapulohumeral periarthritis, stomachache, swelling and pain in the throat, muscular aching pain, neuralgia. it is also applied to all kinds of diseases such as: stagnation of vital energy, cold pain, heat pain, and blood stasis.

  4. it is markedly effective to treat woman’s menstrual dysfunctions such as: woman’s menorrhalgia, irregular menses, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, metrorrhagia etc.

  5. it not only alleviate the symptoms of an illness, but also strengthens effecting a permanent cure. that is to treat a disease by looking into both its root cause and symptoms. this product has good function of “seven-tenths treatment, three-tenths rest”. it not only can promote blood circulation and dredge meridian, regulate the vital energy and dissipate blood stasis, expel wind-evil and remove wetness-evil, clear away heat and disperse swelling, but also has the functions of supplementing the vital energy and blood, and nourishing the liver and kidney. therefore this product has markedly curative effects for all kinds of bleeding diseases, painful diseases, and menstrual dysfunction. it is beneficial to get rid of the symptoms of a disease.

  6. small in dosage, strong in effect, safe in administration. normally only 1 capsule each time (0.4g), 3 times daily. no toxic and side effect is observed in clinical use.

  [reference for use]:

  (1). the patients for static blood swelling and pain, injury, rheumatalgia, intercostal neuralgia, woman’s menorrhalgia, amenorrhea etc, its effect is stronger if 2 capsules are taken with liquor.

  (2). the patients for static blood swelling and pain may blend the powder of this product with liquor for applying it to the affected part.

  (3). for bleeding wound, the patients may apply the powder of this product to the affected part, in order to stop bleeding, press it with absorbent cotton for a few minutes or bind it up with etamine.

  (4). each box has 2 insurance capsules .all serious injury patients may take them with liqor. the patients of light injury and other diseases are prohibited to take them.

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