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  [name of drug]:shuanghu zhongtong ning

  [ingredients]:rhizome of maire jointed pinna fern, roots of rhododendron sulfureum, crude aconitum chinese paxton, crude radix aconiti kusnezoffii, crude arisaema consanguineum schott, crude pinellia ternata breit, camphor, menthol.

  [properties]:the drug is liquid brownish yellow and brown, a little fragrant in smell.

  [indication and action]:remove blood stasis, promote qi, relieve swelling, reduce pain, eliminate wind and dampness. used for injuries from fall, sprain, rheumatoid joint pain, and so on, and for pain local anesthesia in surgery on fracture and dislocation reposition.

  [usage and dosage]:apply externally, 3-4 times per day.

  [notice]:prohibit taking internally.

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