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  [name of drug]:tianqi weitong jiao nang

  [ingredients]:radix notoginseng, radix paeoniae alba , rhizoma corydalis, rhizoma cyperi, fructus evodiae, radix glycyrrhizae,concha arcae,dried alum. rhizoma bletillae striatae、magnesium oxide、sodium bicarbonate、belladonna liquid extract

  [pharmacological action]:relieving pain, relaxing the muscular spasm, relieving hyperacidity, diminishing inflammation, antibiosis, inhibiting pyloric spiro-bacilli, stanching bleeding, protecting ulcerative part, boosting ulcerative union, reinforcing immunity, etc.

  [functions]:relieving gastric hyperacidity to alleviate stomachache, rectifying qi to transform stasis, warming the center to fortify the spleen, promoting contraction to stanch bleeding.

  [main indications]:hyperacidity, belching and sour regurgitation ,stomachache, passing tarry stools, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal bulbar ulcer, etc.

  [properties]:this product is capsule. its content is light-gray powder. its smell is hot.its taste is light salty, peppery.

  [administration and dosage]:oral ingestion, 2-3 capsules each time, 3-4 times daily. maintenance dose: after all symptoms disappear, the patient should better continue to take the medicine for 15 days for consolidating treatment. it’s beneficial to clear the foci.

  [specification]:each capsule is 0.5 g.

  [storage]:sealed tightly, moisture-proof.

  [validity]:3 years.

  [web site]:

  this product is refined by mr zou jie ming, a famous china traditional chinese medicine expert of outstanding contribution, a member of china pharmacopeia committee, who gathered the strong points of different schools, adopted contemporary pharmaceutical high-new technology, through long term’ painstaking research, chose radix notoginseng as main medicine, made up with the genuine quality traditional chinese medicines of radix paeoniae alba 20%, rhizoma corydalis, etc. it has been approved by chinese drug administration departments.


  1. it’s fast to relieve pain and diminish inflammation. normally after taking medicine, in 15-20 minutes, the symptoms of stomachache, sour regurgitation and belching etc will be remitted or relieved. it’s specifically effective for treating chronic gastritis.

  2.it’s obvious to relieve gastric hyperacidity, fast to heal ulcer, fast to stanch bleeding .this product has good functions of relieving gastric hyperacidity, stanching bleeding, can form an inhibitory coating on ulcerative part. it’s effective to inhibit the gastric acid to stimulate the mycoderma of digestive tract and boost ulcer to be healed fast.

  3.it has good inhibitory action for inhibiting pyloric spiro-bacilli.its symptoms disappear fast. its curative rate is high, recurrence rate is low. normally after taking medicine, in 3 days, the stomachache may be relieved obviously, 1-2 weeks later, its symptoms may be disappeared. it’s especially effective to treat the gastrosia of the spleen-stomach qi stagnation, blood stasis, the stomachache of vacuity cold, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal bulbar ulcer, etc.

  4.to provide temporary relief of the symptoms, also to support the fundamental aspect of the disease. it’s safe to take. it can fortify the spleen and nourish stomach, promote the blood circulation, correct the inordinate gastric functions, suit the medicine to the illness. to combine treatment with rest is beneficial to clear the foci.

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