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  brief introduction to sanjin r&d center

  the new product research and development work of guilin sanjin pharmaceutical co., ltd is undertaken by its technological center, which is a national level enterprise technology center and an enterprise post-doctoral research station. its has a subsidiary organ the institute of tcm which has drug screening research center, natural medicine research center, compound tcm new drug research center, preparation research center, etc. it has 116 full-time scientific researchers, including 88 senior and intermediate level technicians with qualifications as professors, doctors, masters, and 14 experts. those with senior and intermediate professional titles account for more than 55% of the total employee. they are involved in multiple disciplines and have strong technical force, as well as a wealth of experience and strong development capabilities in technological innovations.

  occupying an area of 6200 square meters, the new scientific research building with 35 million yuan investment has laboratories and pilot plants advanced in the country. it can undertake studies of preparations such as tablets, capsules, powders, pills, granules, guttate pills, suppositories, injections, soft capsules, etc.; there are supercritical fluid extraction, macroporous resin separation, membrane separation, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction, ultra - small (air) crushing and other technology researches; its advanced detection instruments include: the american waters high-performance liquid chromatography, sp high performance liquid chromatography, hp and american pe gas chromatograph, kama scanner3 tlc scanner, pe atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc.

  the innovation strategy of the technology center takes the research and development of tcm and natural medicine as the main direction of technological innovation, and bio-medicine, functional health food, daily chemical products as a supplement to the direction of innovation. it will take the technology center as a platform, constantly enhance their scientific and technological content of the enterprise from basic technology to products innovation, and ultimately improve the enterprise's core competitiveness. in recent years, in addition to vertical and in-depth research and development focusing around the throat and oral cavity medicine and urinary system medicine, it has also developed tcm of fat emulsion injection, anti-tumor drugs and adjuvant drugs for tumor as a new product development direction of the enterprise, and gives full play to the advantages of tcm and natural medicine in treating tumor.

  at present, the enterprises owns 39 varieties developed by itself with its own independent intellectual property rights, 20 varieties of tcm under state protection, 27 having applied for invention patents, and 13 has been authorized patents.


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