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guilin sanjin pharmaceutical co., ltd. is the core enterprise of sanjin group, mainly engaged in the research and development and production of traditional chinese medicine and natural medicine, and is one of the earliest manufacturers of modern tcm in china. since 1985, guilin sanjin has persisted in reform and innovation, relying on scientific and technological progress and scientific management, transformed from an unknown small chinese medicine workshop into a well-known modern chinese medicine enterprise in the country, and ranked among the top 50 chinese medicine industry. the company has won the national outstanding contribution award for enterprise management, the national excellent enterprise for ideological and political work, the national civilized unit, the national outstanding enterprise in the chinese traditional medicine industry, the national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, the national quality benchmark, the china quality award nomination award and other honors.

as a well-known high-tech enterprise inside and outside the district, guilin sanjin has established state-recognized enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research workstation and guangxi traditional chinese medicine industrialization engineering institute and other innovation platforms. over the years, we have been committed to promoting and implementing the modernization plan of chinese medicine industry, and actively cultivating and improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises. the company's characteristic chinese medicine new drugs are developed by the enterprise technology center. at present, guilin sanjin has more than 200 registered varieties, with guilin watermelon cream, watermelon cream lozenges, sanjin tablets, naomai capsules and other independent development of exclusive varieties 47. after years of efforts, guilin sanjin has formed a strong professional and market advantage in the throat, oral medicine and urinary system medicine, and the representative products sanjin watermelon cream series and sanjin tablets have been in the forefront of similar proprietary chinese medicines in the country for many years.

in july 2009, guilin sanjin successfully entered the capital market with a new look of high growth and high efficiency, ushering in a new stage of rapid development of enterprises. in recent years, in order to actively respond to the guilin municipal party committee and municipal government's call of "developing to the west, creating a new guilin", and to solve the contradiction between the dispersion of enterprise production base and storage facilities and the rapid development of enterprises, guilin sanjin has launched the construction of "sanjin modern traditional chinese medicine industrialization technology transformation project". in 2015, the first phase of guilin sanjin modern chinese medicine city was completed and put into operation, opening a new journey of second entrepreneurship.

facing the future, guilin sanjin will adhere to the enterprise mission of "innovation promotes medical progress" and the enterprise spirit of "dare to be the first", implement the development strategy of "one and two wings" with traditional chinese medicine as the main body, and strive to develop biopharmaceutical and large health industry. depending on quality and reputation as the first life of enterprises, breakthrough innovation, and constantly enhance the competitive strength of guilin sanjin, forge ahead with determination. to develop to serve the country, return investors, to build china's leading pharmaceutical manufacturing group as the goal, to promote the modernization of traditional chinese medicine industry, internationalization!

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